Welcome to Epping Auto Sales & Salvage!

Owned & operated by the Toth family. We are a complete Auto & Truck Salvage Yard.

Tibor “Teddy”:

To his friends is an immigrant from Hungry, came thru Ellis Island at the age of 15, some 60 years ago.

Teddy learned the English language, served 4 years in our armed forces,  and met his bride (Diana Parry) of 52 years in upstate New York. After 40 years he can still be found behind the counter, greeting customers and answering phones. A father of 4 grandfather of 6, He is  truly, “ Living the American Dream”.

Michael Toth:

Eldest son to Tibor, Michael has been the manager of “the Yard” for 30 years. A single father to twins Evika & Miklos. Michael has dedicated his life to providing a confident future for his children. Even as a child, he has contributed to the success of the family business, growing, learning alongside his Dad. Building it into what it is today. In his spare time, Michael loves to snowmobile, ride motorcycles, and spend time with his children, and fiancée.

Proud to be a certified New Hampshire Green Yard for 8 years. A member of the A.T.R.A. ( auto truck recycle association) for over 30 years.